Thursday, August 26, 2010

the difference between friends and friends

over the years the term friend has taken a different meaning. A friend is supposed to be someone you can count on not to bring you down, someone who cares about you and your well being, someone who is there to make pick you up when you're sad and visit you in the hospital when you're sick. I've noticed that now-a-days if someone sits next to us in math class, and we talk to them every once in a while, we call them our friend. if someone hangs out with the same people we do so we interact with them on weekends we call them our friend. Lately i have been noticing that some people i refer to as "friends" really don't give a crap about me. there are those girls you see in the hallway that compliment your shirt every day because they want people to think they're nice, that is not a friend. So i guess i'm posting all this randomness to say, be a friend. a real friend. I'm so grateful for the real friends i have in my life and i'm really starting to appreciate it.

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