Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Trails To You

I figured my first real blog post should reveal three things:

1. my sense of humor
2. my love for men
3. my secret obsession with random things

one of those random things happens to be happy trails, i just love em. for those slow people that don't know what happy trails are, its that patch of hair that runs from the belly button down to the "happy place" on a guy. now i don't like all happy trails, just good ones. who has the best one? well that's easy.. its ashton kutcher. ===>
in this picture of him from What Happens in Vegas you see that his happy trail is perfectly groomed. Now this might be a creepy post, but i don't really care.

another random thing i happen to be obsessed with is the TV series One Tree Hill. Anyone who knows me really well knows that this show is like therapy for me. I can be having the worst day ever and just crawl in to bed with my pink dvd player and feel so peaceful. I have seasons 1-6 on dvd and seriously, if my room was on fire, they'd be the first thing i would grab. I love it because it is full of drama, love, and good looking boys. but everything doesnt come easy for everyone, in fact nothing does. Lucas grows up without a father, Peyton loses two moms and gets attacked by a psyco, brooke- who would be the best mom- finds out she can never have children. Now, i dont want to give everything away, but it is just packed with so many issues that everyone is bound to relate to. I love it, i love it, i love it, i do. Plus, some of the greatest quotes i've ever heard have come from that show, and some of the greatest music.

My third, and most important obsession, is music. I think the best job in the world would be the person that finds the songs to go at the perfect moments during a movie, i'm not sure what the real name for that job is, but it would be the best ever. i have this talent you see, where i can just find the best songs for how i'm feeling. sometimes i will hear them playing in the background while i shop, or they'll be on a tv show.. or i'll stumble upon them on pandora. But i always seem to find the great ones. I'm obsessed with finding songs no one has heard before, or songs that describe me. Which song describes me right now? Well thats easy.
But i can't tell you all my secrets. (: