Saturday, September 25, 2010

Advice for Boys

We were sitting in peer tutoring the other day, and my friend Joe, who happens to be the only boy, was talking about how he was going on a date that night. It somehow got all us girls talking about things we like and don't like about boys and we came up with a universal list of guidelines we think all boys should follow. I can almost guarantee there isn't one boy that does all these things, cause no one is perfect, but i think if someone strived to follow these 31 rules, they would have a 50% increase in successful relationships.

1. Shower often- with soap
2. Keep nails clean and short
3. Only use the word HOT to describe temperature
4. Don't talk about celebrities or other girls you find attractive
5. Smile at everyone
6. Fun, flirty joking - but don't take it too far.
7. Don't do drugs
8. Don't watch porn
9. Keep pants at waistline
10. Clean out your car
11. Keep a jacket on hand
12. Actually watch the movies
13. Don't EVER lie
14. (that includes cheating)
15. Deodorant
16. Actually listen when your girl's talking
17. Save kissing for special occasions
18. No inappropriate touching
19. Don't constantly text
20. Don't lock your phone
21. Say what you mean
22. Admit you're wrong - sometimes even if your not
23. Be respectful to all girls
24. Don't flirt with your girlfriend's friends
25. Don't advertise your relationship on facebook
26. Fair amount of time between relationships
27. Treat her the same when alone and around friends
28. No excessive PDA
29. Don't walk past her without saying hi
30. Pay attention to the hints
31. Stand up for her