Saturday, August 7, 2010


The cure-all to any problem. When people ask me what they should do in sticky situations, i usually reply with a heartfelt, well thought out response. But, today i decided that "go eat a brownie" works too. Examples?

"hey Whitney my boyfriend just dumped me"
i could say, "I'm so sorry, what did he say? are you okay?"
or "it'll all be better if you just eat a brownie."

i've been having a string of "just one of those days" where my bank was closed down unexpectedly, i accidentally showed up to peer court on a night we didnt have it, a lady took the last purple goodie bag, and I just felt so done with everything. then i walk in the door and smell the best smell.. the smell of brownies in the oven. it was like my mom subconsciously knew exactly what i needed. As i ate half the pan i realized, it could be worse. tomorrow's another day, and sometimes all you need is a brownie.

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