Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Discoveries

I'd like to start out with a shout out to anyone that actually reads this blog: i'm sorry i've neglected you. I just have been so busy, and when i actually do get on the computer i spend way too much time facebook stalking people.

Over the past month or so i have had many discussions in my head with myself about my life and here are some thing's we came up with.

1.I'm like Ke$ha
- I like beards.
Most girls at school are repulsed by No Shave November, but i think November was a glorious time. not only did it give me an excuse for not shaving my legs, but I got to enjoy the scruffiness of the boy-men around me. *note: all beards should be tamed.

-when i walk into rooms a party starts
This especially happens in peer tutoring.

-There is glitter on my floor too.
(a few days ago i spilled it and i havent vaccumed yet)

KE$HA? i think so.

2. I started to think about college. Where do I want to go? What are my dreams? I fell in love with California State Fullerton. I'm gonna get there somehow. Anyone who wants to donate to my college fund feel free! I know i probably wont end up there, but i'm wishing.

3. One Tree Hill has come to disappoint me, season 8 has been such a drag. I never thought i'd say this ever, but it NEEDS to end. My new obsession is Life Unexpected on the CW. I have to watch it every week or i don't feel complete.

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